Do You Need a Large Industrial Electric Heater?


Do You Need a Large Industrial Electric Heater

Industrial electric heaters have now become necessary heating equipment in industry, agriculture and other fields. What is an industrial electric heater. Why do you use it and what are its benefits? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this article can help you.


What is an industrial electric heater?

The heater works by converting electrical energy into heat. Then, the heat is transferred through various forms of heat. It is used to heat up, keep warm and heat the flowing liquid and gaseous medium. When the heating medium passes through the heating chamber of the electric heater under pressure, the principle of fluid thermodynamics is used to uniformly remove the huge heat generated by the electric heating element, so that the temperature of the heated medium meets the user's process requirements.



  • Infrared

Advantages: work immediately; they will not reduce the oxygen content; very safe.

Disadvantages: The rising temperature is limited; the temperature drops rapidly when closed.

Suitable for: When you need to heat up in the designated area immediately; it can be used outdoors.


  • Convection

Advantages: heat the entire room easily; heat the air quickly. The heat is moved from one location to another by the current established in the fluid or medium.

Disadvantages: relatively power-consuming, some products heat up slowly and consume more power. The indoor temperature uniformity is poor.

Suitable for: When you need to heat a large room in a closed space for a long time. Oil heaters are convection heaters, suitable for homes or small office buildings.


  • Forced Air

Advantages: fast, powerful heating, and cheaper price.

Disadvantages: The heat distribution process is somewhat uneven, so your room may have higher and lower temperatures

Suitable for: When you need to heat a house or large office building



Factory workshops, material warehouses, moisture-proof drying, local heating, construction sites, roads and bridges, cement maintenance, field heating, oil drilling, coal mining areas, deicing and freezing, equipment insulation, railway airports, yachts and ships, paint drying, construction insulation, Military vehicle equipment, command tents, mobile heating, convenient heating, greenhouses, venues and clubs, clean heat, fast heating.


How to choose a large industrial electric heater?

Choose the most suitable product according to the use environment, room area and your actual needs:

Generally, a 600-1200W heater can be used for a space of 6-12 square meters, and a heater of 1200-2000W can be used for a space of 12-15 square meters.

If you need to directly heat the human body or local space, you can choose a radiant heater; if you need to heat the entire indoor space, you can choose a convection heater to warm every corner of the room with hot air circulating in natural convection or forced convection.

Use infrared radiation heaters or radiating heaters without visible light as much as possible, because these products have no dust pollution caused by convection heating, no noise, and high thermal efficiency. The infrared rays emitted can purify the indoor environment.


Top industrial electric heater manufacturer

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