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Welcome to our website for the online sale of gas heaters. We are a heater manufacturer and supplier from China and can provide dozens of different types of heater equipment. Our gas heater has fast heating, large heat, high efficiency and environmental protection, which is very suitable for industrial fields. The power of these heaters ranges from 3kw to 220KW, and you can choose the specifications that best suit your heating needs. More importantly, our gas heaters are equipped with safety protection devices to prevent safety accidents. If you need to buy a gas heater, please feel free to contact us. We can also assist you in customizing heater equipment.

Advantages of our gas air heater

  • High combustion efficiency: Using the scientific structural design, combustion efficiency is higher than similar products on the market.
  • Good quality: Our products have passed international quality certification, and the product quality is guaranteed.
  • Complete product chain: the most world-class heater manufacturer, we provide a complete range of heaters from low power to high power.

The most popular natural gas heater

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Natural gas air heater suppliers in China

As one of the most experienced wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of natural gas heaters and portable heaters in China, SIAL can provide you with high-quality air heating equipment at reasonable prices. Our high-efficiency air heaters have a variety of designs, sizes and shapes to meet the different requirements of each customer. If you have other special requirements, our design team can also help you create a customized natural gas forced air heater. You just need to contact us and we can discuss your options in detail.


Industrial air heater manufacturer

Choosing SIAL as your wholesale manufacturer and supplier of industrial air heaters can enable you to reduce operating costs while enjoying the benefits that our service can bring to you. Our ISO certified factory uses modern technology to produce high-quality natural gas air heaters that meet customer standards. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of air heater manufacturing, you can rely on us to meet your different packaging needs. Our air heater has the following advantages:


1. Power, (we have a variety of power products that meet customer needs)

2. Safety (high safety, flame retardant resistance, humanized design)

3. After-sales service (after-sales service in Europe, able to provide 24H/7 day service)

4. Fuel saving (good combustion, optimized fuel supply and combustion system)

5. High combustion efficiency (with completely independent intellectual property rights, the latest blue flame heater developed in the world, high combustion efficiency)

6. Durability (stable quality control, good quality)

7. Fast heating time (heating in a short time)

8. Intelligent equipment (real-time monitoring)

Low price purchase of gas air heater

All our products are sold at the factory price, there is no middleman, and the price is cheap. If you need to buy a cheap gas air heater, please contact us immediately. We will give the lowest discount price!

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