SIAL Brand Development Process

SIAL was founded in Italy in 1981 and headquartered in Turin, Italy. With advanced product technology and excellent product quality, sial brand has developed steadily and expanded continuously, and has subsidiaries or dealers in more than 40 countries around the world. Sial relies on advanced European industrial technology and first-class product quality, combined with professional sales team and after-sales service system, to provide customers with the best heating and dehumidification solutions. After years of continuous efforts and innovation, sial has become a first-line supplier of heating equipment for industrial agriculture and animal husbandry in Europe in the international market; At the same time, sial is also recognized as one of the most reliable brands of industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry heating equipment.

In 2014, China Cixi Hengjin Electronics Co., Ltd. wholly acquired sial brand and its manufacturing equipment and technology, and established a European brand operation company in Dusseldorf, Germany. SIAL brand further integrates European technology and Chinese industrial cost advantages to promote sial's market share in Europe; In the same year, Hengjin company successfully introduced the sial brand into the domestic market and officially opened the global brand operation road of sial brand.

So far, SIAL has nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience and technical precipitation of thermal dehumidification equipment. At the same time, due to sial sear's inherent lineage advantages, it better integrates Chinese and western resources and technical advantages, and provides solid technical support for product R & D and innovation. In 2019, SIAL launched a new generation of heating and dehumidification series products with higher technology, intelligence, energy saving and efficiency, environmental protection and low emission, solid and durable. Its advanced product design concept, more reasonable product practical functions and artistic product appearance will lead the development trend of the industry.

SIAL  brand is dedicated to quality and service. We are committed to providing users around the world with the best air treatment solutions.
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