4 Best Diesel Space Heaters of 2021


Diesel space heaters can also be called diesel forced air heaters. It is a heating device that uses diesel as fuel to quickly increase the surrounding temperature. Diesel space heaters are very convenient to use and can be used for spot heating in warehouses, factories, offices, construction sites, farms and other places.

If you are looking for cheap forced air diesel heaters in the market, then please read this article. To help you, we will recommend some good diesel heaters so that you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

The Best Diesel Space Heater Recommendation

Y20 Diesel Forced Air Heater

● 68,300 BTU of heat output

● Built-in constant temperature control system to reduce fuel consumption

● Very suitable for activities, workshops and small and medium rooms


IY37 Diesel Forced Air Heater

● 126300 BTU of heat output

● With trolley

● Very suitable for construction sites, workshops and farms


IY130 Diesel Forced Air Heater

● 457300 BTU of heat output

● With wheels to move

● Equipped with two thermostats, saving 40% of fuel consumption


Y85 A Diesel Forced Air Heater

● 290100 BTU heat output

● With wheels to move

● Dual-screen temperature display, intuitive and accurate

Things to Consider Before Buying a Diesel Space Heater

  • Is it easy to move

If you want to move the heater around, you need to consider the portability of the heater. Some models are equipped with ergonomic handles and lightweight design to make lifting easier.


  • Installation

If the model you choose is not portable and needs to be installed, please consider where to place the heater. Measure the space to find a suitable heater. At the same time ensure that it can support the weight on the structure. A light design that is easy to install is best, otherwise you will need to hire an installer, which increases the cost.


  • Is it safe

For example, whether the machine has a protection device to prevent overheating and overcurrent, and whether it has a dumping power-off function.


SIAL is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mandatory space heaters. Specially provide high-quality heating equipment for customers from overseas. Our space heaters meet international quality standards and are affordable. You can choose the heater equipment you want from us. If you need large quantities of diesel space heaters, then please contact us. Our professional sales team will give reasonable quotations and product plans, and look forward to cooperating with you!

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