SIAL will participate in China Liman pig raising conference and Exhibition on October 20

 In 1985, Dr. Allen D. Leman, director of the continuing education program in animal medicine at the school of veterinary medicine of the University of Minnesota, built an unbiased platform for sharing knowledge and experience - Liman pig raising conference. Since the conference entered China in 2012, it has set off a wave of learning in pig industry. Liman China pig raising conference is about to usher in the 10th Daqing. Over the past decade, Liman has witnessed the vigorous development of China's pig raising industry. Over the past decade, Chinese pig raising practitioners have shared the research results from authoritative experts from around the world through Liman. Over the past decade, Liman has built a bridge of exchange and cooperation between China's pig raising industry and the world's pig raising industry, and has been rated as one of the most valuable conferences in the pig raising industry by the industry.

In 2020, under the dual influence of epidemic and non plague, the Liman conference still achieved a significant growth, with a record number of participants reaching 8264. Boehringer Ingelheim, shuotang China, Lilan Dongbao, baigaoweisheng, Youben vaccine, shengtai'er, paiste, Ningbo No. 2 hormone factory and other industry leaders have deeply participated in it, and have won the participation of School of animal medicine of China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jilin University, Henan Agricultural University, muyuan group, Wen's shares, Shuanghui group, Sichuan Animal Husbandry Association Chongqing Animal Husbandry Association, Chongqing Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society, pig production and marketing branch of Shandong Animal Husbandry Association, Hebei animal husbandry association, Hebei feed industry association, Beijing Animal Husbandry Association, Shanghai Pig Industry Association, Hubei Pig Industry Association, Hunan Feed Industry Association, Hunan pig raising Association, Anhui animal husbandry and Veterinary Society, Jiangxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society Henan pig raising Association, Anhui Pig Industry Association, Zhejiang pig raising industry association, Jiangxi pig raising industry association, Fujian animal husbandry association, School of Animal Sciences of Guizhou University and other units.

The 10th Liman China pig raising conference will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from October 20 to 22, 2021. The conference will continue to invite authoritative pig raising experts from the United States, China and Europe to give lectures, bring scientific solutions for the pig raising industry to participants, and share biosafety, disease prevention and control, diagnosis and testing, pig farm rehabilitation, pig farm construction The latest international information and research results in the fields of pig breeding and production management technology and application, pig nutrition and feed production, pig breeding, pig market and economic analysis. It is expected that more than 10000 delegates will attend the conference, becoming the first 10000 people conference in the animal husbandry industry.
 Cixi Hengjin Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in the S2 exhibition hall.
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