Kerosene Forced Heater VS Propane Forced Heater


To say the least, in the cold winter, working in the garage or outdoors can be uncomfortable. And, if you need to spend a lot of time working in a cold area, you may have considered adding some kind of garage heater to space.

Fuel heating, such as kerosene or propane heaters used in garages, is a fairly standard product, at an affordable price, and can be easily selected to suit the space that needs to be heated. I have outlined the difference between the two in order to provide you with information and choose the information that is best for you.

What is kerosene forced air heater

Kerosene heater is a device that uses kerosene as raw material and uses infrared radiation to heat. It is not afraid of the wind, and the heat can directly reach the surface and internal heating of the object.


1. High burning rate. Kerosene heaters basically use spray fuel supply. The combustion rate of this fuel can reach 100%, and its combustion heating process is smokeless and tasteless.

2. Easy to move. The fuel tank and the body of the kerosene heater are integrated, which can be easily moved to the place you want to move.

3. Good safety performance. Kerosene heaters basically use three types of safety devices: hypoxia protection, flameout protection, and dumping protection, so everyone can use it safely.

4. Large heating area. The heating area of ​​a kerosene heater can easily reach 60 square meters, and the use cost is only one-half of the general electric heater.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection. The kerosene heater uses spray fuel, which burns safely, smokeless, and odorless, so everyone can use it comfortably.

6. High efficiency. The kerosene heater can ignite or extinguish the flame within 5 seconds, and achieve a good combustion state within 2 minutes. A control system that purifies for 15 seconds before and after 180 seconds.

With the continuous development of technology, kerosene heaters are now considered in all-round safety design, not only designed to be safe but also practical, with various protection devices. When in use, it will be automatically closed when it is accidentally knocked over, subjected to vibration, too little burning, or incorrect operation, which is very safe.


1. Improper addition of fuel causes fire and explosion

In the process of using kerosene heaters, only kerosene fuel can be added. If other types of fuels are used, it is easy to cause explosions or fires and other dangers, and the safety hazards are greater.

2. Poor indoor air circulation may cause carbon monoxide poisoning

Kerosene heaters cannot be used in closed rooms. The concentration of carbon monoxide produced during use is only 2-3PPM. Over time, it will be harmful to the human body, and the quality of kerosene is different. The concentration of carbon monoxide is even more different. , The security risks are greater.

Suitable for what

It is suitable for outdoors with good ventilation and wide space, but if the outdoor temperature is too low, this kind of products are not suitable. In addition, they are portable and can be moved from one place to another relatively easily. They also don’t need any electricity to run. If you lose electricity and heating, this is a good product.


What is a propane forced air heater?

Propane forced air heater is a device that uses propane as raw material and uses thermal convection for heating. It is not afraid of the wind, and the heat can directly reach the surface and internal heating equipment.


Various fixing methods

The radiant propane heater uses a gas heater to heat the launch tube. When these tubes heat up, they radiate heat to surrounding objects. This will produce immediate warmth and warm up quickly, but objects that are farther away will take longer to warm up. These can be portable, or they can be mounted on walls and ceilings.

Fast convection heating

Like kerosene forced air heaters, these are powerful devices that push air in one direction. They are portable and can quickly heat the space by heating the air in front of the device. These usually generate heat, but are very convenient, easy to use, and can be made into popular heaters in cases where space must be heated quickly.

With supporting professional equipment

Propane heaters can also be installed more permanently in your space, using existing propane lines or separate cylinders. When a large space needs to be heated more uniformly or for commercial use, these devices are usually chosen. They usually also require professional installation.

Low fuel cost

Propane is an effective and cost-effective heating measure, but it depends on fuel prices. The cost of propane will fluctuate with changes in fuel prices, but unlike kerosene, it is easier to obtain and obtain. Depending on your heating options, you can also set up a convenient way of delivering propane directly to you.


Fuel has limitations

Obviously, if there is no propane, the heater cannot be used.

Unable to view remaining fuel efficiently

Unlike kerosene, you may not be able to see the amount of propane left because you cannot fully open the tank to look inside. Some tanks are equipped with meters that can help you determine what is left in the tank, but this is not a guarantee and it may not always be accurate.

Low security

Fittings should always be tightened and checked for leaks. Since propane is flammable, you need to make sure that there is no leakage, because contact with open flames can cause an explosion. Incomplete combustion also releases carbon monoxide, so ventilation is also an important consideration in confined spaces.

Suitable for what

Propane heaters use pressurized gas to heat poorly insulated areas such as courtyards, warehouses, and garages. Propane heaters are usually portable, so they can be used alone in special cases, which means they do not need to be connected to external gas pipelines or electricity. Construction companies, event planners, and homeowners prefer propane heaters for a variety of different applications.


Both propane heaters and kerosene heaters are highly efficient heat preservation equipment and low-cost resources. Although they are different, the choice between the two depends only on your site conditions, the difficulty of obtaining fuel, and personal preference. When selecting heaters (kerosene and propane), balance the space that needs to be heated and the capabilities necessary to operate each available heater.

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