What is a space heater? How does it work?

What is a space heater?

        Air heater is the first choice for the upgrading of modern industrial heat sources. It is called industrial air heater, high-power air heater, high-power industrial air heater, workshop heater, workshop heater, farm space heater and so on.

        Air heater is also a popular heating method in modern European and American countries, which has been widely used abroad. In today's power shortage and environmental protection, air heater is an energy-saving and environment-friendly green product. As an emerging product of heaters, outdoor air heaters will occupy a larger market share and have broad market potential with their unique advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving, safety and health, intelligent interaction and professional technology.

How does the air heater work?
     The air heater in our common sense is actually used to heat the air flow we need from the initial temperature to the required air temperature, and the maximum temperature can be heated to 850 ℃. The air heater is mainly composed of electric heating pipe, heat exchange chamber, deflector, flanges connecting both sides of the heat exchange chamber, connecting pipe, temperature sensor, overall support, shell, etc.
    The working principle of the air heater is: the heated gas enters the heat exchange chamber of the heater from the air inlet through the forced draft fan or air inlet valve, is heated by the heating pipe and fully exchanged in the heat exchange chamber, and comes out of the air outlet after reaching the required temperature. A temperature sensor is installed at the air outlet to collect the temperature signal and transmit it to the control system, and then the control system controls the power output of the heater to achieve automatic temperature control. A temperature sensor is also installed in the heat exchange cabin to monitor the temperature of the heating pipe. When the heating pipe exceeds the temperature or exceeds the set temperature range, it will automatically cut off the power supply of the heater and stop heating. This completes the heating of the required air.
How is sial's air heater different?
1.40 years of historical accumulation breeds mature technology
2.Green environmental protection concept - energy saving and low emission
3.Multiple overheat protection - rest assured and safe
4.The appearance design is generous and easy to operate


Be proficient in quality and loyal to service
We are committed to providing satisfactory air treatment solutions for users all over the world




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