What You Need to Know About the Classification of Space Electric Heaters


What You Need to Know About the Classification of Space Electric Heaters

Electric heaters can convert electrical energy into heat and are suitable for heating working media in liquid or vapour-liquid mixture states. The heating method is to energize the electric heater by supplying electricity to the heating element to generate heat and heat the working medium. It is easy to use, cost-effective and efficient. However, there are many types of space electric heaters on the market. We have divided several types according to the principle of electric heaters.

Classification of Space Electric Heaters

According to different heat transfer methods, space electric heaters are divided into two types: radiation and convection, and convection is divided into two types: natural convection and forced convection.

Space electric heaters can also be divided into direct heating type and heat storage type; according to the structure form, it can be divided into desktop, cabinet and wall types;

According to the installation method, it is divided into two types: portable and fixed. The former has low power and is used for heating in local environments, while the latter has large power and is mostly used for overall heating and is difficult to move at will;

According to the different ways of controlling temperature, space heaters are divided into two types: temperature control and non-temperature control. The temperature control type is equipped with a temperature controller, which can automatically control the ambient temperature within a certain range, which is very convenient to use. The non-temperature control method is relatively simple, as long as the power is turned on, the heater can heat the environment until the power is turned off.


General Classification

In actual use, space electric heaters generally have the following four forms:

1. Natural convection electric heater

Natural convection electric heaters are usually equipped with one or more air inlets and outlets. The hot air is emitted through the outlets in natural convection, that is, the natural convection of cold and hot air is used to increase the temperature of the heated environment. For example, electric water heaters, electric fin-type electric heaters, etc.

2. Forced convection fan heater

This kind of electric heater is equipped with an electric fan behind the electric heating element and uses the function of the fan to force the surrounding cold air to flow through the electric heating element to be heated into warm air, and then transport it to the place that needs healing. For example, hot air heaters, heaters, air duct heaters, etc. are all such electric heating appliances. At certain times, if the electric heating element is not energized and only the electric fan is turned on, only cold air will be blown out, so this kind of appliance is also called a "cooling and heating fan".

3. Heating body radiant electric heater

This kind of electric heater is an appliance that uses the radiation and reflection of the heat energy of the heating element to concentrate the heat in local space and protect people from the cold. It usually includes reflective heaters, infrared electric heaters, etc. Its structure is characterized by an arc-shaped radiant plate that is polished with stainless steel or aluminium and is mechanically formed behind the electric heating element. It is also used to prevent personal or clothing contact in the direction of heat radiation. The protective cover, and an additional mechanism to maintain the elevation angle of the electric heater.

4. Visible luminous radiant heater

It mainly refers to a heater that dissipates heat through radiation. It has one or more heating elements. When the heater is installed and ready to use, part or all of the heating elements can be seen from the outside of the heater. When these heating elements reach a steady-state, the temperature is at least 650°C.

Indoor electric heaters can be divided into high temperature, medium-temperature and low temperature according to the surface working temperature. There are many heating elements for high-temperature and medium-temperature electric heaters, and the heating surface is relatively large. When reaching a stable working state, the surface temperature of the high-temperature electric heater exceeds 130°C; the surface temperature of the medium-temperature electric heater is higher than 90°C but lower than 130°C. The surface temperature of the low-temperature electric heater is lower than 90°C under stable working conditions.



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