How to Buy the Most Suitable Electric Air Heater for You


Winter is coming, and the cold weather is affecting people's lives. Many families generally choose a heater for heating. With a heater, the house is warmer and more comfortable. Becaause there are so many heaters on the market, many of my friends don’t know how to choose, so I wrote this article to help you understand the heater and choose the right heater.The following is the article structure

1. Article foreword
2. The principle and classification of heaters
3. How to choose the right heater


Article foreword

Although not all places will have snow fluttering, the winter in most areas is still very cold. So the heater has become the choice of many families, so how can you choose the heater that suits you? Then you need to understand the heater, and then choose a suitable one according to your own situation. Let’s follow my rhythm to learn about heaters.

After reading this article you will gain:

  • Understand the principle and classification of heaters, and master the skills of purchasing heaters
  • Can choose a heater that is cost-effective and suitable for you


The principle and classification of electric heaters

There are many types of heaters on the market, it is difficult to choose when buying. If you want to choose the best air heater, then my article will definitely help you. First of all, heaters are currently divided into two categories, gas heaters and electric heaters. Electric heaters are the choice of most families. Let me talk about electric heaters specifically. You can choose according to your own situation.

1. The principle of electric heater

The electric heater is heated and heated by the heat or infrared rays released after the electric heating wire inside the electric heater is energized. When the electric heater is energized, the electric energy is converted into heat energy to achieve the heating effect.


2. Classification and advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters

  • Quartz tube heater

Advantages: The heating element is an electric heating wire, which is worn in the quartz tube, which can play a good role in supporting, protecting and heating. The heat transfer method is radiation, which has strong penetrating power, fast heat transfer, convenient movement and low price.

Disadvantages: The heating range is small, and it is only suitable for use in small rooms. In addition, it generates light when heating, which is not suitable for use in the bedroom. The heating wire is easy to oxidize.


  • Electric film heater

Advantages: Electric heating film is a new type of material, which not only produces heat quickly, but also dissipates heat quickly, and it uses far-infrared heat delivery to achieve rapid heating.

Disadvantages: It cannot be exposed to water, so it cannot be used in the bathroom. There are problems such as power attenuation, short service life, and no electromagnetic shielding.


  • Convection heater

Advantages: It is more in line with the needs of the human body, using natural convection of air to exchange heat, and the operation is relatively quiet, and there is no problem of drying after a long time.

Disadvantages: heating up is slower than others, and power consumption is slightly higher.


  • Ceramic heating element heater

Advantages: good heat storage effect, more suitable for families with elderly and children at home, a ceramic heater is a kind of efficient heater with uniform heat distribution, metal alloy with excellent thermal conductivity, to ensure uniform hot surface temperature. Some places are particularly hot and some places are not hot

Disadvantages: The temperature rises slowly, and the PTC series heaters are not suitable for use in places where the environment is dirty and dusty. So be sure to keep the home clean!


  • Oil-filled electric heater

Advantages: The heat is large, and it can maintain a certain temperature even after a period of power failure. No harmful gas is generated during use, and the safety is high. There is basically no sound when running. In addition, it has the function of baking clothes, which is more suitable for people in the cold and humid areas of the south.

Disadvantages: the power is relatively large, the monthly electricity bill will become larger, and its warm-up time is relatively long, it needs to wait for a period of time, and the air will become dry after a long time, and a humidifier is required.


3. Factors to be considered when purchasing

  • Safety

When purchasing heaters, you should choose products that have passed national compulsory certification (that is, have safety marks). In addition, you should pay attention to whether it has multiple safety protection devices such as temperature limiter and thermostat when purchasing. Whether there is dumping power failure, overheating protection, and storage stability.

  • Environmental protection

Environmental protection factors are also an important criterion for selecting heaters. A good heater will not pollute the environment, and on the basis of safety, health is more guaranteed.

  • Multifunctional use

Some heaters can be used as a desktop or wall-mounted, and can also be used in the bathroom. Some heaters have electronic remote control functions, and some heaters also have their own Bluetooth speaker function.

  • Brand credibility

Many people only pay attention to the performance and price of the heater when choosing a heater, and often ignore the brand of the heater. A good brand can guarantee the quality of the heater, and the after-sales service is more secure.

  • Economic benefit

As we all know, the air conditioner can also play a role in heating, but the power of the air conditioner is more expensive. If you buy a heater with the same power as the air conditioner, what is the point of buying a heater? In contrast, low-power heaters consume less energy, and are cheaper and more economical for scenes with low comfort levels.


Specific problems and precautions when purchasing

1. Actual budget

Budget is an important criterion when buying things. A suitable heater not only meets all your needs but also meets your budget. If you exceed the budget too much, it will be a waste of time to investigate and understand. In the end, I think it’s good. That's good, but you can't buy it beyond the budget. So before you buy, you must know what your actual budget is, and try not to exceed the budget. After all, exceeding the budget is a burden.


2. How to choose a suitable heater?

  • Choose heaters of different power according to the size of the room

Generally speaking, electric heaters with a power of 400W can be used for rooms of 6-10 square meters, electric heaters of 800-1500W can be used for rooms of 10-15 square meters, and 2000W electric heaters can be used for rooms of 15-20 square meters.


  • Choose different types of heaters according to family members

Families with children are recommended to choose convection heating. First of all, convection heating is relatively safe, and there is no noise. It can heat the whole house, which meets the needs of children running around the house.


3. Precautions

1. The socket should not be too close to the heating component and cannot be covered by objects. When there is no one in the room, the heater must be unplugged. In addition, pay attention to the power and safety of electricity.

2. The heater should be placed in a place that is not easy to touch, away from combustible materials. If the electric heater is placed in the bathroom for heating, be especially careful! Prevent leakage of power when encountering water.

3. When using the heater, do not get too close to the heater, it will burn your skin for a long time. In particular, do not allow the air outlet of the heater to directly heat a certain part of the body.

4. When using a heater in winter, the house will inevitably be dry. Therefore, when using a heater at home, you should find ways to increase the indoor humidity, such as raising some hydroponic plants in the house, mopping the floor frequently, and using a humidifier.


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