Brand Advantages

High Touch Communication

Our goal is to answer every call with a LIVE person. Forget being in automated menu hell. We provide 24/7 communication service. 

Partners With Our Customers

We built our business on our products and relationships.  We believed credibility, honesty and great product are the only way to do business.  Our focus is to provide a value added product for our customers so they in turn can run seamlessly and grow their business.

Industry Expertise

By working with so many successful customers, our company has acquired knowledge and expertise in many areas.  We put that knowledge into our design of equipment and are able to provide valuable business knowledge as an overall service. We produce industrial heaters, dehumdifier, and cooling equipment for thousands in the world.

Technical Experience

Past 40 years, Sial has assembled an incredible staff of experienced, knowledgeable engineers and technicians.  These individuals gives Sial a technical and competitive edge. Sial technology team research and design thouands of industrial heaters, dehumdifier, carpet dryer for our customers from 80 more countries.

Leading Industrial Heater Manufactory

Sial is an industrial heater, dehumdifier leading manufactory. We have been serving businesses and industries around the world since 1981. Our industrial experience and knowledge answers your questions and provides solutions for your industrial needs.

Deliver the Best Industrial Products

Sial finds the best logistic solution for our industrial needs. We match your business needs with the best products. While we keep the more common products in stock at our European and American warehouse, we can have items drop-shipped within 2-5 days.

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Am Seestern 840547 dusseldorf, Germany
You can trust us
We are a professional manufacturer of air heating equipment in China, and we continue to innovate in order to provide customers with better products and services.
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