What is a Space Heater and How Does It Work?


Space heaters are the first choice for modern industrial heating. Space heaters are also called industrial heaters and workshop heaters, which are suitable for heating up large areas. It is widely used in various industries such as electronics, food, pharmacy, printing, packaging, cleaning, heat treatment, and rapid drying.

Introduction to Space Heaters

Heating Principle

  • Convection heater

The natural convection type electric heating element directly heats the indoor air and gradually warms the entire room by virtue of gravity circulation. Its structure is simple, the price is cheap, but the heating speed is slow.

For forced convection, an electric fan is installed behind the heating element. When the heating element is energized to generate heat, the fan runs at the same time. The forced cooling air passes through the heating element and is heated, and then the hot air is sent to the heating element by the automatic direction changing device installed in front of the heating element. Everywhere in the room. The power of the electric heating element of this kind of heater is relatively large, often above 2kW, and the airflow of the electric fan is about 3-6m/min. This kind of heater is also called a cold and warm fan because it has two air supply modes: cold and hot.

  • Radiant heater

The simplest type of radiant space heater is the reflective type. Its heating element can be a bare spiral heating wire wound on a porcelain tube bracket, or a metal tube heating element or a quartz tube heating element. When the electric heating element is energized, the heat energy is reflected in the space to be heated by the reflecting plate arranged behind it.

A slightly more complex radiant space heater is equipped with a heat radiating plate coated with infrared radiating material in front of it. There are many small holes on the plate to help increase the heat exchange area and infrared radiation area, and allow hot air to blow through. At the same time, a thermal convection effect is produced.

Composition Structure

All types of space heaters have complete safety and temperature control mechanisms.

The dump switch is a unique safety device on the space heater. Its function is to immediately cut off the power when the heater falls, effectively preventing the electric heating element from contacting the floor or carpet and causing a fire.

The temperature control system is mainly an overheating safety thermostat and an adjustable or thermostat. The former controls the maximum use temperature of the heater, and the latter controls the actual use temperature of the heater.

Higher-end products often have a power selection switch, and there are two or three heating power levels for users to choose from according to their needs.


It is the best heating facility for outdoor places such as homes, factories, warehouses, workshops, hospitals, docks, cruise ships, construction sites, warehousing logistics, underground garages, and outdoor performances, exhibitions or conferences. It can also be used for greenhouses in farms, bamboo and wood crafts. Plants, leather processing plants and other raw materials, as well as building materials, food, maintenance, decoration, industrial products, agricultural products drying, heating, heat preservation, antifreeze. It is suitable for heating and heating in large areas and large spaces, especially for the rapid drying treatment of the outer surface of motors, pumps, plastic parts and other products.

Security Function

A standard safety feature of radiators is overheated protection. If the internal heating element reaches an unsafe temperature, the overheat protection switch will turn off the heater to prevent circuit damage and protect the heater.

Another safety feature-tip over protection, when the radiator accidentally tipped or knocked over, it will automatically turn off the radiator, reducing the risk of burns.


Precautions When Using

Each space heater will come with a user manual and a set of specific safety instructions, but no matter what kind of equipment you buy, you should keep in mind some general space heater safety tips.

  • Look for safety features, such as automatic shutdown timers, airflow sensors or tipping switches. These elements help minimize the risk of burns and fire.
  • Do not place the heater near flammable materials or loose fabrics (such as blankets or curtains).
  • The unit should always be placed on a flat level surface, and away from children and pets.
  • If possible, the space heater should be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on using extension cords carefully, otherwise electric shock may result.
  • Purchase a high-power heater that can only meet the space requirements. A heater with too much power will increase electricity consumption and pose a safety hazard to anyone in the room.


How to Choose a Space Heater Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers and suppliers specializing in the production of space heaters in China. They provide high-quality space heaters to customers all over the world every year. Their cheap prices and many styles are very popular.

As a world-class space heater manufacturing company, SIAL relies on European advanced industrial technology and first-class product quality, combined with a professional sales team and after-sales service system, to provide customers with the best heating and dehumidification solutions. After years of continuous innovation, SIAL has become the first-line supplier of European industrial, agricultural and livestock heating equipment in the international market. At the same time, SIAL is also recognized as one of the most reliable industrial, agricultural and livestock heating equipment brands. sial has the ability to provide you with the space heater products you want. If you need to buy a heater, please contact us!

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