Air Heater: 6 Things to Be Aware of


When the cold winter comes, the heater runs at high speed, without the need for complicated pipeline heating equipment, it can bring a suitable temperature and a comfortable environment, and provide a stable heating and heat preservation effect. But as long as it is a device, there may be problems. So before there is a big problem with the equipment, I hope you can find the warnings issued by these equipment. So what phenomena may indicate that your heater has a problem? What should we pay attention to when using? Read this article and tell everything you want to know.

6 major issues that cannot be ignored in air heaters

If the heater has the following six major problems during use, please pay attention and seek professional maintenance personnel.

1. Uneven heating

If your room has a good temperature and the environment in some places is similar to the climate in Antarctica, then your heater is likely to have a major problem. The uneven heating is probably the result of several problems. From blocked or closed vents or incorrect use of equipment, there may be many reasons for uneven heating. Don't ignore this problem, it may bring great losses. Contact maintenance personnel immediately to check the problem.

2. Water and electricity bills are too high

Maybe you spent a lot of water and electricity bills in the production and operation process, but please carefully calculate the water and electricity bills and compare them with the fees you paid before to observe whether there are any abnormal fluctuations. After the water heater is used, if you pay a higher price every month, it is likely that your water heater has a problem and cannot operate effectively.

3. Update damaged accessories

The quick repair of the heater is just a slowdown. You need to update new accessories for your heater to ensure the normal operation of the heater. Quick maintenance will greatly increase the probability of secondary failures. So please update your accessories as soon as possible after repair. Although the cost of updating accessories may be higher than the repair price, or even higher than your expectations, in order to avoid serious equipment failure and greater economic losses, please be sure to update the accessories as soon as possible.

4. Filter

When the filter on the heater becomes dirty or clogged, the effect of the heater becomes problematic. The working effect of the heater gradually becomes less obvious, the working time is getting longer and longer, the intensity is getting stronger, and the cost incurred is also increasing. You may need to check your heater filter. The filter requires regular maintenance.

5. Ignition problem

If your heater’s indicator light does not light up or has other ignition problems, your heater may be about to shut down completely. Instead of becoming a victim of the cold, it is better to consult your heater expert to help you solve the fire problem of your heater.

6. Strange sound

The rattling and rumbling noises from the heater are not necessarily normal. In fact, the strange noise from the heater may be a sign of a bigger problem, such as blockages or restricted airflow. Therefore, the abnormal noise of the heater cannot be ignored. Pay close attention to the behavior of your stove and the noise it makes. If you hear any anomalies, it is better to seek expert advice instead of waiting until a full-blown problem arises, which can lead to serious economic problems.

5 precautions for heaters

The following are the matters needing attention during the use of the heater.

1. Clean the filter

The filter captures debris, dust and allergens, which is essential to ensure indoor air quality. A clogged filter may cause a series of problems. Therefore, in order to maintain good air quality and keep the equipment running normally, it is very important to clean the filter regularly. It is recommended to check once a month and replace it every 3 months to get the best results.

2. Schedule seasonal maintenance

It is planned to have a professional inspect the equipment before opening the equipment for the first time, and check the equipment again when it is closed this season. Professionals will check the equipment for any problems and determine the best way to repair them. Scheduling regular service calls helps users spot problems before they become bigger and more expensive to fix.

3. Check the piping system

In order to make the most of your heater, the piping needs to be in good condition. Inspect the pipes for signs of damage. The dents and dents on the metal plate prevent air from flowing freely through the vents. Repairing dents and covering holes ensures that hot air can reach the vents effectively and keep the home warm.

4. Check for debris

Always pay attention to the environment around your heater to ensure that your heater is not covered or blocked by debris. If so, please move them away. Ensuring the normal circulation of airflow is an important guarantee for the complete heating of the space.

5. Upgrade thermostat

The old thermostat caused many problems for the homeowner. They make it difficult to determine the temperature in the home, adjust the temperature, and turn the heater on and off. If you have an old thermostat at home, it's time to upgrade it. Choose a programmable thermostat that allows the homeowner to determine the temperature at different times and days of the week. Keeping a cool temperature while people are sleeping or away from home can save homeowners a lot of money throughout the season. When installing a new thermostat, it is helpful to ask a professional to check to make sure that the thermostat is installed correctly and the sensor is in place.

Choose an excellent manufacturer of air heaters

There are many manufacturers and suppliers specializing in the production of space heaters in China. They provide high-quality space heaters to customers all over the world every year. They are very popular because of their cheap prices and many styles.

As a world-class space heater manufacturer, SIAL relies on European advanced industrial technology and first-class product quality, combined with a professional sales team and after-sales service system, to provide customers with the best heating and dehumidification solutions. After years of continuous innovation, SIAL has become the first-line supplier of European industrial, agricultural and livestock heating equipment in the international market. At the same time, SIAL is also recognized as one of the most trusted industrial, agricultural and livestock heating equipment brands. sial has the ability to provide you with the space heater products you want. If you need to buy a heater, please contact us!

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